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A guide to renting commercial property in the UK

Commercial property in the UK

There are several reasons why one might want to rent commercial property in a metropolitan area with some of the most common being the need for office space, plans of opening a store or the need for space to serve as an agency’s or consultancy’s premises. Whichever the reasons, it is important that you select carefully for the benefit of your clients and customers and at the same time, avoid landlords or property managers who have a long history of bad relationships with their tenants. Below are some guidelines to help you get the best from the available options.


Consider your application for the commercial property you want to rent and see what space it will require. For instance, if you just need an office to run a private investigation company which will have one secretary as the only employee, you do not need to rent the entire wing of a complex. However, if you intend to open a store and anticipate that you will expand it as time goes by, do your math and go for one of an appropriate sized property so that you will not need to move in the future. Likewise, avoid renting something so big whose entire space will never be used.


The budget of renting a commercial property is important to for the economic feasibility of the enterprise. Convenience of location is important; this implies that although it might be expensive to rent commercial property in highly trafficked areas, you have to otherwise you will not achieve what you intend to. However, do not go for space with luxury amenities you do not need as a start-up. This does not mean that you should never have luxury amenities but they should come afterwards as you continue flourishing.


Most entrepreneurs want to be on the busiest street for a single reason which is visibility. However, you can get as much visibility as a competitor who is on the main street without spending too much to get there as well. A car accident attorney who opens up across a favoured health care facility is more likely to get customers that one who opens up in a city’s business hub or the suburbs.

Relations with the property manager or landlord

Some property managers will not let you bring your own air conditioning unit to better customer experience while some are so fussy about modifications like repainting. Before you rent property, it is important to do a background check on its management to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and frustrations. Apart from freedom, also enquire to know if the property’s management is quick to solve such recurrent problems like plumbing and conditioning issues. It might not seem important to someone who is renting commercial property for the first time that management should be prompt in making repairs but remember, image matters to your customers; it is not the landlord who gets blamed for pot holes in your floor although they are responsible for such repairs. If you intend to rent property for business in the UK, be sure to search online for available options. 

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