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Eugene Bernshtam- A Guide to Classic Car Upgrades by an Expert

Eugene Bernshtam- A Guide to Classic Car Upgrades by an Expert

Classic cars are unique, and they are driven on the roads only on special events and occasions. Today, it is hard for you to find a classic car in its original condition in modern times. Most car lovers buy them and restore them with new upgrades. These restored cars are equally valuable for every classic car enthusiast.

Eugene Bernshtam- modern upgrades for you to choose for your prized classic car

Eugene Bernshtam is an expert in classic cars, and in his opinion, there are several modern upgrades you can use to make your classic car more functional and better. He is also a leading name in the real estate industry in America, and when he is not busy with it, he is actively involved in the restoration of cars. He is among the licensed auto dealers under the Illinois Secretary of State and a member of the Ferrari Club and the Lamborghini Club in the USA. In the last couple of years, he has been the recipient of multiple awards in the field of classic automotive judged concourses. He loves traveling, scuba diving, and weight lighting as his hobbies.

Modern upgrades to classic cars

When restoring classic cars, most owners opt for them for a better look and comfort. According to him, the following are some modern upgrades that one can make to a classic car.

  • Upgrade to the electronic ignition– This upgrade replaces the traditional ignition system deployed in cars before 1980. The new system boosts fuel efficiency to give the driver faster and smoother acceleration. It also reduces exhaust emissions and brings in other benefits to the car.
  1. Upgrade to the power steering feature of the car– If you do not upgrade the power steering feature in your classic car, it will sure give you a tough time on the road and will tire you out. Navigating your classic vehicle in tight and crowded places will be a daunting task. This ordeal becomes challenging, especially when you need to make a U-turn in such areas. An upgrade to the power steering helps you drive your classic car safely and smoothly.
  1. Upgrade to the disc brakes– Traditionally, the brakes on a classic car rely predominantly on the drum brakes. They are near the rear or on both ends of the classic car. However, with regular friction, they tend to wear out fast. You get more power when you upgrade the disc brakes, and the wear and tear here become lesser. In fact, with the help of more braking power, you can enter into a maintenance regime with no hassles at all!
  1. Air conditioning– Here, the car’s comfort gets a good upgrade. Modern cars deploy the R314 air conditioning system. It has four key components: the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, and the expansive valve. One should check the parts carefully and restore them with modern upgrades to receive the comfort needed.

In the opinion of Eugene Bernshtam, these four modern upgrades to your classic car will not only increase its comforts but functionality as well. You can take the vehicle out on the streets with no worries at all!

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