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The Pros and Cons of Living in Knoxville, TN

Living in Knoxville

Greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville, which is well-known for its southern cuisine, gorgeous scenery, and ardent sports fans, is ideal for people who wish to lead simpler lives. However, despite the fact that this city exudes a lot of southern charm, there are some aspects of it that are less endearing. However, Knoxville has always been able to reinvent itself and start over after being destroyed. Continue reading for Knoxville’s living pros and cons.

Pro – Affordable

We are all aware of the current financial situation. This is why choosing a location with a cheap cost of living is a wise choice. And if you want to settle in Knoxville, you’ll immediately realize how simple it is to stretch your dollars. The cost of living is 15% less than it is nationwide. Additionally, the cost of Knoxville Real Estate is about $324,000 on average.

Con – Public Transportation

You will be using a lot of Uber or Lyft if you don’t have a car and wish to move to this city. Because those are pretty much your only transportation choices. This city’s public transit system is not great. Here, it’s more difficult to find proof of a large foot than to board a public bus. You eco-warriors out there should also be aware that Knoxville does not have any bike lanes. 

Pro – Great Education

The excellent school system in Knoxville is one of the city’s biggest selling features for parents. The city as a whole has given its educational system a B grade. There are about 80 public schools in Knoxville, many of which have very good ratings. For instance, Farragut High School is the 7th top high school in the entire state according to rankings. Your children will be prepared to secure a wonderful job once they graduate thanks to all of this instruction. And Knoxville has more to offer in terms of employment opportunities.

Con – Air Quality

The neighboring coal power plant and other local enterprises probably contributed to the decades-long problem of poor air quality in the Knoxville area by producing smog that then became trapped in the valley. To strengthen the caliber of its industry and power plant, the city has been steadily investing. The city attained the first-ever Federal air quality criteria in 2017. In terms of air pollution, the city is now ranked 25th worst in the nation. The nearby coal power station is expected to be shut down in 2023, so residents should continue to experience improvements in the air quality.

Pro – Economy

Tennessee is seeing a large influx of residents for one reason in particular. It has a booming economy. And Knoxville is a major factor in why this is occurring. Recently, the number of new business filings in the city has risen to all-time highs. Invariably, new enterprises result in more jobs for the general populace. The fact that Knoxville’s unemployment rate is only 3% highlights how crucial this is. Therefore, it is safe to state that Knoxville is the ideal place to be, whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking for a job.

Con – Crime

Knoxville’s high crime rate may be cause for concern. In comparison to the national average, property crime is 50% greater in this city. The good news is that. According to the police, they are severely cracking down on this kind of crime. anything it might imply. Although the aforementioned figures are alarming, it is important to highlight that hardly any internet reviews of Knoxville mentioned crime as a drawback. Crime maps reveal that the majority of the town’s adult citizens live in the northside and westside of the city, which are both significantly safer than the University-Downtown area, where crime is concentrated.

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