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Tips to boost your Business’s Network Speed

Tips to boost your Business’s Network Speed

Whether you’re running a small business from home or are the owner of a multi-national firm, it’s essential to have a strong network to conduct your transactions and communicate. A slow speed can do more than just serve as a nuisance – it could cost you clients or hinder meetings. If your network has been operating at a less than optimal level lately, here are a few options to help you get it up and running at lightning-fast speeds.

It’s important to realize that internet speed depends on many different factors. In addition to the network you’re using, something as simple as router placement could have a serious impact on the speed you experience.

1. Move your router position.

It seems like technology should have moved past this basic problem by now, but one of the primary issues that can impact network speed is the location of your wireless router! A wall or door can block the signal, while other devices in the home can cause interference. To avoid these common problems, simply move your router up to a higher position. If you’re in an office building, try moving it as high and central as you can. Smart routers are also available. These can automatically adjust for interference, although you may still need to move them higher if there are lots of cubicle walls.

2. Clean up your devices.

A cluttered up computer or smartphone could also be the culprit to your business networking woes. Close unnecessary apps and updates when you’re not using them, which should have an instant impact on your speed. There are a number of apps that will control this for you.

3. Update your operating system.

Are you still using an ancient operating system? Although it may be working fine, it can have an impact on your networking speeds. If you haven’t done it yet, upgrade to the latest version of your device’s operating systems. The web browser you’re using will also have an impact, so look at upgrading this to the latest standard as well.

4. Use a powerline adapter.

If you’re unlucky enough to have an office in a location where the signal is weak, you could use a powerline adapter to boost it. These use existing power lines to boost the signal as you move from room to room.

5. Update your provider or plan.

If you’ve just recently launched a business, you may still be working with a personal plan. This could mean that you’re sharing your connection with loads of other people, which naturally slows down the overall speed and efficiency. Try running speed tests at different times of day to see if this is the culprit. If this is the case, you may want to look at options like Nokia Networks that specialize in optimizing networks and reducing congestion. Otherwise, upgrade to a business plan so that you can hog all of the speed for yourself. The server location could have an impact on your speed as well – look at all networking options.

These are just a few ways to boost your network speed. By following them, you may see that your business’s productivity speeds up at the same time!

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