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What are different categories of candle packaging boxes?

custom candle packaging boxes

Candles are versatile and ornamental items. Candles are known for their aesthetic and calming effect. Also, these are wonderful forms of decor for the house or parties. Candles are fit for any time or event. One can either use these for simple dining or birthday decors. Thus, candles provide many benefits due to their diverse use and forms.

For candle business, the driving force must be passion and creativity. Creative people love making candles of varying scents and styles. Also, the candle business is started due to such innovative minds. These businesses need something different to thrive and prosper. They make custom candle packaging boxes to wrap these beautiful items. Such packaging will increase the prominence of the candles in retail stores. The most important benefit of personalized boxes is that it allows diversity and protection at the same time.

Different categories of candles:

There are several candles, lovers, around the world. Its use is a major part of their lives. Also nowadays candles have become a trend. People purchase these for different occasions and events. These valuable items bring joy and peace to many people. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap such valuable items in good packaging. This will help create an impactful first impression on the users. When users get quality candles wrapped in alluring boxes, then there will be an increase in brand loyalty. More and more customers will prefer to buy candles from the brand regularly. Here are some different types of candles and their packaging styles:

Candle Boxes Wholesale

Votive Candle:

These are commonly known as prayer candles. These are plain candles made from a variety of materials. Votive candles are made up of beeswax or paraffin. Their composition will determine their speed of burning. These are usually present in small sizes. Also, one can make votive candles in circular ring form. These candles can be sold individually or in the form of a group. The packaging is usually customized for the candle boxes. This personalization will give a huge leap to the competitors. So good packaging can bring a brand to another level.

Taper Candle:

Tapers are the traditional style of making candles. These are present in elongated and cylindrical forms. These have a natural aesthetic look. Taper candles usually have their stand to keep them. One can make simple boxes with a brand logo. Also, one can make customized Kraft packaging boxes with unique patterns. These will enable the brand to increase its awareness with even simple boxes. Also, Kraft boxes will add an eco-friendly touch to the boxes.

Aromatherapy Candles:

The aromatherapy candles are the most famous and advanced form of a candle. Aroma candle use has highly increased due to its special effect. These are greatly used in therapy for the calming and relaxing effect. The main focus of any aromatherapy business is to offer sensory experiences to the users. These are used in different places and occasions. One can use them for relaxing baths, yoga sessions, and stress relief. Thus, make sure to get the best packaging for these useful items. Make boxes that fit the style of the candles.

Decorative Candles:

It is commonly known that candles are used for decorative purposes on different occasions. These candles are available in many beautiful styles and designs to use around the house. For the ornamental candles, the packaging must also be decorative to enhance their value. If the packaging is alluring enough, the customers will buy the candles and use them as a gift. Also, the decorative candles are available in multiple colors in the store. So make customized color boxes for these different products.

Custom Candle Packaging Boxes

Tea light Candles:

Tea light candles are tiny candles that are used for versatile reasons. These are some of the most diverse candles. As one can find these in many colors, scents, shapes, and containers. Despite their popularity, most of the tea light candles are in the dull and small wrap. If a brand wants to make its tea light candles distinctive it must go for customized packaging for the candle boxes. These items will look different and attractive on the shelves of the retail shop.


In conclusion, there are different categories of candles. All these different candles require quality and distinctive packaging. The best approach for any business is to make custom candle packaging boxes that are fitting for every item. These boxes will make sure that the candle packaging is strong and durable. It will keep the different candles safe. Also, these will allow versatility to a brand.

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