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All You Need to Know About Driving Under Influence

All You Need to Know About Driving Under Influence

If you want to see the worst impacts of alcohols, ask anyone who’s charged with DUI and facing a trial. Alcohol is not only dangerous to the liver and heart, it also impacts human brain. As a result, the person could loose control of himself for a while. Imagine what would happen if this happens to a vehicle driver while he was driving?

The term “Driving Under Influence” refers to those situations in which the driver is found taking, or has the effect of, alcohol or any intoxicated material. In places like Canada, this term is quite common as there is no restriction in drinking alcohol in public. However, the law does prohibit people from driving a vehicle, as it could result in:

  • Any unexpected damage to the property, including public or private property
  • Any injuries arise from impaired-driving accidents
  • A possible death of the person driving, accompanying the driver, or the one on the road.

In Canada, DUI charges are quite stiff. Drivers charged with DUI are likely to pay fine or spend some time in imprisonment. The worst thing is, you will have this offense in your criminal record for entire life. You will have every right to hire impaired driving lawyers Toronto and defend yourself. Although, brampton drunk driving lawyer will save you from trouble depending upon the severity of crime, best way to avoid these problems is to keep away from them. You can read a few stats below to realize the nature of this crime and its consequences.

Why Driving Under Influence is So Dangerous?

You can find thousands of facts indicating that impaired driving is quite dangerous. Here are few alarming facts:

  1. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), alcohol crash occurs after ever 32 minutes.
  2. Alcohol related fatalities are quite high among North American ethnic groups. They account for more than 73% of total fatalities.
  3. More than 534,000 people suffer from impaired-driving crashes each year, in the United States alone.
  4. On average one person gets injured every minute, due to alcohol-related crashes.
  5. Drunk driving among people between 21 and 25 years is higher than other age groups (23 %)
  6. In 2012. more than 29 million people were arrested for DUI
  7. In 2013, nearly 1,150 children under 14 were killed because of car crashes and 17% of them died because of alcohol-related driving. 61% of these children were occupants of vehicles while the remaining were pedestrians.

DUI Punishments:

DUI lawyers Toronto are well-informed of DUI laws and its technicalities. They can win your case, but you cannot avoid worst consequences. If you’re found guilty of DUI you will have one, two or all of the following punishments.

  1. Fine and the court fees
  2. Driving license suspension
  3. Probation
  4. Period under custody
  5. Loss of job
  6. Higher insurance rates
  7. Restriction on renting vehicle
  8. Revocation

Driving under influence is a serious issue and federal government has been quite strict about it. So, it you’re charged with DUI, don’t expect any leniency.

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