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Different Types Of Packaging Tape Available In The Market

Different Types Of Packaging Tape Available In The Market

The world would be quite messy without packaging tape. There are virtually no other products on the market that are simpler to use, meaning that boxes would need to find different ways and means of keeping themselves sealed. Packaging tape is required for everyone who wants to transport cartons and boxes and securely wrap them. It serves as the glue that holds the box together and is lightweight, robust, and easy to use. However, how should it be applied? How can carry products using carry handle tape help? Below you will see a detailed view of the different types of packing tape available in the market:


The most widely used, cost-effective, and durable carton sealing tapes are made of acrylic. The exterior markings and labels can stay visible for three or more years due to this tape’s fast bonding of the clear adhesive to corrugated boxes. Temperatures between 32 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit can be resisted using acrylic packaging tape. Even under extreme humidity, light, and harsh surroundings, the bond can continue to work. The tape’s strong surface stickiness will be useful for any boxes in garages, warehouses, and storage facilities.

Hot melt tape:

Hot melt tape offers reliable sealing every time it is applied since it is manufactured for high-volume applications. This strong tape has a strong stick factor, is simple to unroll, and functions well under pressure. So you can buy packaging tape by considering the entire feature. Like acrylic tape, it performs well on boxes and cartons, especially those with a significant amount of recyclable material. Hot melt tape works well in temperatures between 45 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit and can be applied manually and automatically.

Natural rubber:

The finest packaging tape for difficult conditions is natural rubber because it does not require water, heat, or a solvent to activate it. The natural rubber tape is also resistant to deterioration, seawater, weak acids, and alkalis. The tape and packaging are assured of having a strong connection due to the first application force. Also, natural rubber packaging tape will retain bindings with rough materials. Recycling, rough, ultra-smooth, coated, and extensively inked surfaces maintain the security even in dirty conditions. Extreme heat and humidity won’t have much of an impact on the tape’s integrity.

Paper packing tape:

Paper packaging tapes have excellent adhesive and are recyclable. So you can buy packaging tape of this type. These include high-strength flatback paper tape and water-activated paper tape, which both provide clear evidence of tampering. Reinforced gum packing tapes that can survive extreme temperatures are also included. The advantages of paper packing tape are endless, one of which is that it can be printed. This makes it possible to show significant statements without a lot of money.

Gummed paper tape:

You can buy packaging tape which is specific to carton sealing. Because this tape is gummed paper tape, also known as water-activated paper tapes. The starch-based adhesive penetrates the corrugated box when it is activated by water, creating a strong bind between the package and tape. In addition to cutting open the box, removing the gummed paper tape is a useful security feature for those looking for evidence of tampering.

Gummed paper tape can carry more weight and offer additional security since it has numerous layers of fibreglass reinforcement. The majority of gummed paper tapes have one or more layers of fibreglass lattice between the papers for strength. The tape will get more difficult to tear with each additional fibreglass lattice. Additionally, compared to other carton sealing tapes, the tamper evident seal will provide superior protection for moisture sensitive products and shipments. You only need one piece of gummed paper tape to make a strong seal that will withstand high humidity, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures.

Duct tape:

Duct tape is one of the most well-known and popular types of tape. This double-woven tape has a tough, age-resistant covering comprised of acrylic tape. With the help of these features, it may offer amazing adhesion strength as well as exceptional shear and heat resistance. Because it may be used in various situations, duct tape is a common tool seen in many different industries and homes.

Strapping tape:

The strapping tape, made for industrial use, does a great job securing the top rows of your boxes together. Choose from conventional strapping tape, all purpose strapping tape, or heavy-duty strapping tape to fit your particular application. They are all strengthened with fibreglass filament and can withstand tearing, breaking, and abrasion. You can buy packaging tape as strapping tape because it has a rubber band like function that enables each load to move as necessary without causing damage.

Label protection tape:

A transparent adhesion tool called label protection tape is made to perform exactly what it says on the label. Put it over labels to keep them securely in place on a wide range of materials, such as plastic, wood, paper, or metal. This high-clarity, the high-strength tape can withstand harsh conditions indoors and outdoors. The additional benefits of label protection tape include abducting chemical and water resistance.

Masking tape:

Masking tape, frequently used to shield surfaces from paint, can also be a useful product to keep on hand for your shipping team. On a thin paper backing, masking tape has an easy to remove adhesive. Due to its weaker stickiness, it may safely wrap varied contents in bubble wrap or packing paper without unnecessary delays and damage during the unpacking process. However, you should not seal your boxes using masking tape. It cannot guarantee safe shipment because it is less resilient than other packaging tapes.

Carton sealing tape:

All tapes meant to seal shipping cartons fall under this category, each with unique qualities and applications. Significant differences in the tape liner’s material, colour, and thickness can affect numerous application-related variables. Your choice of carton sealing tape may or may not have key aspects like noise reduction, temperature resistance, and waterproofing. The type of tape that is typically utilised is what causes the most obvious variances to appear.

Bottom line:

When it comes to packing, you need a certain thing to complete your box. So you need to choose a certain type of tape for your packaging. For that, you can consider the above-listed type and select the one that suits your packaging needs.

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